Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingWe have one goal, get results for our clients.

To do that, we employ tried and true best practices with additional techniques and common-sense decisions to help bring clients more qualified customers and leads.

Search Engines look for specific things when ranking your website, visitors however, require something different.

Our experience provides detailed, multi-level optimization all the way down so you know exactly what’s happening on your website, and what is working and what isn’t.

It’s not just what’s on your website that matters for SEO, but also what’s happening off of your website, and specifically, what sort of signals are pointing to it. Together we can leverage strategic tactics to allow improved rankings across all Search Engines within a practical time frame.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business looking to improve local business visibility, or large boutique selling hundreds of products, we have the experience and knowledge to leverage the tools available to you to control your industry’s search rankings.

Our Keys to SEO Success:

  • Detailed keyword research to unearth profitable keywords
  • Optimize website content for both visitors & search engines
  • Weather any update with tried & tested backlink earning campaigns
  • Always testing & improving via Analytics and Heatmap tools

Cutting-Edge SEO Services

Time and time again excellent SEO marketing services provide businesses of any size exponential growth.
As a business owner, it’s unimportant to you whether you have a lot of backlinks, or great citations, or even optimized keyword density. What’s important to you are leads that turn into sales.

Our team headed by veteran SEO consultant Doug Montgomery provide refreshingly transparent approaches through measurable, realistic metrics that our clients have depended on for over a decade.

This level of knowledge demonstrated at a global scale show how our strategies and techniques grow online visibility and effectively create more leads through improved traffic to your website and online marketing platforms.

More About Our SEO Services

As a Digital Marketing Agency with a small staff, our company relies on research-based strategies that save both parties time and money.

Through the wide variety of industries we’ve had our hands in over the years, we’ve come to find what works well and what doesn’t for all types of websites, whether it be a small business showcase website or a large eCommerce store.

Our SEO Service Differentiators

Many SEO companies will tell you that they can help you rank #1 in Google or Bing in a matter of weeks, and sometimes that is the case. However, that’s not how we do things here.

Our research allows us deep insight into the possibilities and potential of your existing online search efforts, and how we can leverage key areas to improve them using tried and true methods that never put your website or your business in harm’s way.

Our pride in transparency and the ability to show you every step we take allows us a level of communication and trust that most companies just can’t offer, for whatever reason. Whether you are running a paid marketing campaign with a small budget, or a large organic search campaign with a big budget, you’ll always know where your money is being spent.

How much should SEO Services Cost?

Through the years, most companies try to save 5-10% of revenues of sales to put towards sales and marketing initiatives over the year, so if your revenue for the next year are $5.0m, you should ideally spend $500,000 in sales and marketing to keep hitting that mark.

We primarily recommend keeping an ongoing sales resource for digital marketing to keep competitive, and always keep your traditional marketing in full swing, as that’s how we got here in the first place.

Choosing the right SEO Company

Just like any professional services company, from accountants to lawyers, finding the perfect fit for your SEO needs requires the same level of research that any large investment of time and money should get. Find time to build up enough information and personal resources to identify key areas where you need your SEO agency to be more focused and effective, then choose the right candidate.

We have a wonderful New Website Checklist that can help you get started preparing the documents you’ll need when you choose your SEO firm.

In the end, your decision as to which Search Engine Optimization agency you partner with will need to have a level of transparency and intelligence, that allows you both to build trust before starting any sort of activity to your company or website.

If you’re interested in our services, Contact us at any time, we are a global business working 24 hours a day.

Also Offering The Following:

PPC Marketing

When it comes to getting new customers instantly, Pay Per Click takes the bait. Set your own budget, keywords & demographics and teamed with our 7 years of Adwords Certified Experience, together we can create a functional campaign to keep visitors coming in the door, without spending the bank.

Email Marketing

To this day email marketing is still held as the most effective marketing tool online. Together we can leverage the power of email marketing using our experience and industry best practices that provide you a personalized one-on-one connection to your customers ensuring lifetime clientele for your business.

Search Reputation

Search Engine Results are expensive real estate depending on who you are, or what you’ve done in the past. There are thousands of businesses built on promoting your personal information and generating revenue from it. If you’d like to take control, and manage your online reputation for yourself or your business, I can help.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Research & Planning

small business web designJust like preparing for a website design, all of our search engine optimization strategies are well thought out and planned before any code gets implemented. We’ll dive headfirst into your top keywords, competitors keywords and more, to understand your brand’s vision, and how customers are finding your services or products, and how we can leverage that information and bring you not only better rankings and more traffic, but the right type of traffic you business needs to turn prospects into customers.

Helpful Resources:

On-site & Off-site Optimization

Once we have all of the initial research we need, we can begin outlining the on-page and off-page deliverables required for your website to succeed online. This means bringing your website above and beyond baseline, ensuring you’re not only optimizing your website for today, but the future as well. In addition to page-level optimization, we’ll dig deep into your website’s backlink profile and online social presence, along with your competitors, to identify any ways we can earn backlinks and mentions for your content and brand, providing you a safe, and reliable search engine optimization strategy that will weather any storm, or animal, or whatever Google decides to name the next algorithm update!

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Conversion & Implementation

affordable website designAfter all of the research has been completed, and we have a full plan and document ready, it’s time to backup the existing website, and implement the on-page seo changes, along with any OG META, Google+ Authorship, Webmaster Tools verification, sitemap creation and other necessary items for any SEO optimized website.

After we’ve integrated the on-page seo content, we’ll optimize the website for speed, and deliverability. These two factors are crucial not only for conversion of your website, but both are also considered ranking factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. We need to ensure our images, code, and content all load as fast as possible, to reduce bounce time, and increase conversions.

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Benchmarks & Reporting

small business web designAfter we’ve set all on-page optimization in motion, we will create a dashboard for you to be able to monitor your websites rankings on a daily basis, allowing us to show our results in real-time after changes have taken effect, and providing you with a quick understanding of how your website is currently doing, and how it improves in the future.

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Analysis & Improvement

Most changes to websites take search engines a few weeks to notice, and then just a short bit longer for them to start showing results, especially a new website. After a specific time period based on competitor and website factors, we will analyze the results of our changes, and document all improvements and losses, so that we can not only enjoy our victory, but also understand our missed opportunities so that we can stay one step ahead of your competitors at all times.

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If you’re not ready for a consultation, at least get all of our free content and monthly updates!