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Then why not choose the team that helped shape the marketing efforts for the company itself? No matter the business size, the solutions are the same.

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We know exactly what Villagers® want online:

Like any marketing strategy, understanding your audience is key. We not only know Villagers®, we live with them day in and day out!

For our 5 years now we've listened and watched how the digital world has influenced this audience, and we're proud to say we know the type of tone, respect, experience and language they engage with, and can offer that same skillset to you.

What can location-specific SEO do for you?

Based on our 23+ years of experience working with Google, and writing a book on marketing in local search, we find that it can do a lot for any type of business, big or small. Location-specific search engine optimization (Like The Villages here) offers you the ability to cast a smaller net, for the perfect type of catch, saving money and time by being effective from the start.

We provide guidance based on our experience and industry best practices for every phase of your marketing campaign, including content, imagery, tone and optics meet your audience at the right time, in the right place.

Effective SEO Services for Businesses Serving The Villages® Area

How We're Effective Online:

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

SEO Services F.A.Q.'s

At the end of the day, each business is at mercy to Google and the almighty search engine. However, our job is to create quality solutions for businesses that work, and those solutions average between 30-90 days for results.

There's no magic or dark hats here. We insist you approve and review every word, image or link placed on any website that is promoting your brand.

Sure! These are all just platforms to host your content, the content and what it contains and says is what's most important!

Affordably priced SEO solutions for Businesses Serving The Villages®:

We offer a variety of all-encompassing packages to fit your business needs



  • Local Business Setup & Review
  • Top Local Website Citations Review
  • Business-Specific Keyword Report
  • *Existing Website SEO Report
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  • Everything in Small Plus:
  • Social Media Platform Review
  • Website Content Creation
  • Industry-Specific Page Creation
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  • Everything in
    Small & Growing Plus:
  • Custom-Built Solutions
  • Off-site SEO Marketing
  • Blog / Knowledgebase Creation
  • Event & Click Tracking
  • Whatever you need
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Client Testimonials

"Doug is super knowledgable about the digital world and understands how websites and company networks must work together to form an outstanding online presence. He is a thinker who is able to not only develop brilliant solutions, but also create a learning environment for his clients. He's always up to teaching you something new. I have loved working with him on many projects."

- Art Director, The Villages®


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