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Fixing the Comments Evolved Plugin Issues in Twenty-Fifteen Theme

Hello visitor and welcome to my site. You’ll probably notice right away that I have this crisp, clean, minimal theme. Well, lucky for you, you can have it as well.

Actually, the real reason you’re probably here is because you need help with the Comments Evolved WordPress Plugin and the new Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme.

With the recent release of the new theme, many people like myself are starting to use it. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a small issue with the Comments Evolved Plugin while using this theme.

I came across it myself, and I’d like to show you what I mean:

Comments Evolved Twenty Fifteen Theme Fix

As you can see the Comments Evolved Plugin isn’t staying inside the proper div or staying aligned with the containers above and below it.

No matter, I have taken a bit of time to investigate the issue, and I can tell you I have a quick fix, and an explanation for the problem.


The Comments Evolved Plugin relied on the previous div areas used in WordPress 4.0 sites and below, that has now been changed in WordPress 4.1.

Quick Fix:

First, we want to fix the margin issue within the plugin’s css file itself. So we’ll open up the Plugins folder in the /wp-content/ folder in your hosting area.

Next, we need to navigate to:

Open up that file with whatever Text-Editor you like, and head to line 113.

Under the #comment-tabs you’ll see "margin:0 !important;"

All we want to do is insert a “auto” between 0 and !important.
"margin:0 auto !important;"

While you’re there, let’s go ahead and fix the width of the div as well.

So for the same area (#comment-tabs) you’ll want to add:


Go ahead and save your file, and re-upload or refresh.

You should now see the Comments Evolved Area completely centered with the other divs in the Twenty Fifteen Theme like in my site below!

Comments Evolved Fixed

Now, the really great thing about this fix is it doesn’t seem to break the responsive areas it’s around, and works well in any resolution.

Note: This may be changed in a new version of Comments Evolved, so be sure to make a note to check the changelog, and make a copy of the plugin.css file in case you need to do this again.

Well, that’s it for my first article on this site, I hope it’s helped you, and if you don’t mind, take a moment to do the normal social media sharing that keeps content floating around for others to discover!

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