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New Website Checklist

Building a great website takes more than just designing the pages and hosting it on a domain. It takes patience and research to understand your niche, competitors and how you can create the website your business and customers deserve. But really, that’s just the marketing behind it. In this checklist, I’ll be talking to all […]

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Guide – What Should a Professional Website Cost?

“I’ve just started working on getting a website for my business, but prices and time are so different, I’m not sure which way to go…” Well, you’re not alone. With over 1,204,497,424 websites on the web as we speak, it’s absolutely possible to build a website for your business that fits your brand vision, and […]

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Fixing the Comments Evolved Plugin Issues in Twenty-Fifteen Theme

Hello visitor and welcome to my site. You’ll probably notice right away that I have this crisp, clean, minimal theme. Well, lucky for you, you can have it as well. Actually, the real reason you’re probably here is because you need help with the Comments Evolved WordPress Plugin and the new Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme. […]

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5 Crucial Online Marketing Tips For Restaurant Owners

You own a restaurant, and it’s going pretty well. You’ve got good word of mouth traffic, your quality and service speak for itself, but you’re finding it difficult to fill the tables on the weekdays, and your labor costs are adding up, causing you to start thinking about advertising. Well, before you go running to […]

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Using IFTTT To Gain Traffic To Your Website or Blog

As a small business owner and a twenty something tech geek, I’m always looking for ways to bridge the two, and leverage apps to help me either automate tasks, or connect with my customers. Recently I’ve been reaping the fruits of Apples recent App Store Anniversary, and trying out a bunch of apps, from Traktor […]

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Hot Damn Facebook’s Being Invaded By #Hashtags

As I write this blog post, Myspace is currently removing the old Myspace layout and page forever. How tragic to know something I spent so much time on is now eliminated from Planet Earth.. To think! I’ll never be able to select a “Top 8” again! (I had hacks that allowed 16, be jealous) au […]