I'm Doug, Your New Online Marketing & Web Design Consultant!

I help people just like you improve their online results every day using tried and true methods I've learned over my 15 years of experience.

Tired of losing money online?

You’re not alone. Most of my clients didn’t come from some extravagant marketing campaign, or hundreds of dollars spent on paid ads. Nope. Almost 100% of my clientele come to me via word of mouth, because they’ve heard how different it was working with me, and how I not only saved them money, but time as well. That’s the difference, and that’s what matters. In the past two years I have been through extensive marketing funnel training and consulting training that will allow me to provide you a higher level of website design and development than most design agencies around the world.

I create result-driven websites and marketing campaigns for businesses and individuals

that provide reliable, long-term solutions for their business.

Website Design

Over the past 15 years I have created 100′s of websites for businesses from small to large in various markets all over the world. Today I bring the knowledge and experience I’ve learned over the years to clients just like you.

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Search Marketing

Having a website is great. Having a website that provides consistent sales and leads is even better. Website design is more than having a website, it’s about branding, marketing, and creating long-term success for you and your business.

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Online Marketing

Whether it’s product launches, company newsletters, list-building, E-Commerce creation, or a combination of everything, I’ve got you back. I provide you the tools and best practices to create show-stopping marketing campaigns that you could only dream of, and conversion rates that would make you faint.

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Social Media

Everyday business owners hear that they should be using Social Media, but either don’t have the time, or never use it’s full potential, and end up losing time and money. Unfortunately they are correct, and Social Media can provide businesses a chance to connect with consumers on a level like never before.

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Recent Projects

Some of my recently completed projects

Here are some of my recently completed website designs and marketing campaigns.

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