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How successful is your website?

Many small business owners have a website these days, but still can’t rely on it to provide quality leads on a continual basis.

They know it’s there, and it provides basic information, and get a few leads or phone calls each month, but are often left wondering how they can make it a more effective lead generating machine like so many experts and gurus say.

That’s where we come in:

Our team of experienced designers and developers are trained to build what’s right for your business, not what we want to build.

We provide trusted solutions for small business owners of all types and industries, allowing us deep insight into what works; and what doesn’t.

Our comprehensive website and online marketing solutions allow you the business owner, to start relying on your website for quality leads in the future at affordable costs.

Why choose us?

16+ Years Experience: For over 16 years now our head developer and team members have been designing and creating on the web. This experience provides us an edge above companies just entering the online marketing industry.

Affordable Marketing Services: We have a small team who all live in beautiful Inverness, Florida, who keep overhead costs low through automation & time management. Those savings are transferred onto you as a client, along with our hourly based charging rates, giving you the ability to pay for everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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We Specialize in:

Website Design & Development

No matter the niche, product, or service, when creating an online presence for yourself, the devil is in the details. That’s why for more than 16 years now we have kept our eye on the details and helped businesses of all sizes craft a successful online presence using industry best practices, creative strategies and campaigns, and experience.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We have one goal, get results for our clients. To do that, we employ tried and true best practices with additional techniques and common-sense decisions to help bring clients more qualified customers and leads. Search Engines look for specific things when ranking your website, visitors however, require something different.

Branding & Graphic Design

Whether it’s business cards, stationary, or billboards, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced graphic designers love the ability to be creative, but also know when to be subtle. We pride ourselves on saving our clients money on printing using local businesses in our area and the best recycled paper available.

Funnel & Conversion Optimization

When traffic is wasted, you stand to potentially lose that traffic (sale) forever. Quality optimization of a website takes deep research using tools top help you identify weak points in your website, and then improving them using best practices for your specific industry.

Our Recent Designs

Inverness Bicycle Local Business WordPress Design

Inverness Bicycle
Local Hometown Bicycle Shop
Amanda Sobhy WordPress Design

Amanda Sobhy
#6 U.S. Squash Player Amanda Sobhy
Knock Em Dead Responsive WordPress Design

Knock Em Dead
NY Times Bestselling Author Martin Yate

About Douglife Marketing

Douglife Marketing AgencyOur team exemplifies exactly what can be achieved with a strong work ethic and constant improvement of self and intelligence. For over 16 years the team of Douglife Marketing have been producing viable solutions to business owners in need of IT and Online Marketing services from Central Florida to Japan, and love every minute of it. Our team is comprised of IT Systems Administrators, Graphic Designers & Print Artists, Seasoned Developers and Marketers, Copywriting experts, just about everything you need to ensure success at all levels.