Alabama SEO Services


Business owners in Alabama listen up! We’re here to help you create longevity for your business through deep research and quality development. No matter your business/website size, we can help.

Alabama SEO Services

Effective Alabama SEO Services

If you own a business or online store, you know that traffic matters. Even more, qualified, targeted traffic provides even better traffic, which often times can turn into leads. That’s what we’re after. Effective SEO services means taking advantage of organization and preparation, along with research, analysis, and speedy development to provide reliable, effective results.

Why Choose Local SEO Services in Alabama?

Our entire team here at Douglife Marketing are either transplants at a young age, or born here in Alabama. We have grown up living in the warm sun, playing, and even heading into the rivers for some fishing. We love living in Alabama, and we believe our pride in our home, gives us an extra boost when looking out the window at the day ahead in the office.

Our SEO Services

Although the list of needs and techniques for Search Engine Optimization can be exhausting, we would like to list the main areas of expertise so you can gain a better idea of our SEO Services.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click/View)
  • Conversion Optimization & Sales Funnel Creation
  • Content Curation & Writing
  • Social Media Marketing & Curation
  • Website Outreach & Partnerships
  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • & More!

Additionally, most SEO Services are completely customized and unique to the client. After deep research and analysis we help you decide what technique will benefit your business in the most cost-effective way.

Our Differentiators in SEO Services

Here at Douglife Marketing, we pride ourselves on being able to provide 100% transparency and measurable results with each and every campaign we take part in. Furthermore, our expertise over the past 15 years building and optimizing websites in a wide variety of industries and niches gives us an added level of experience when helping you decide your SEO campaign and what techniques and services you’ll use.

Here at Douglife Marketing, we focus on 3 primary types of SEO, which we have found provide measurable results time and time again for our clients:

On-Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO services to us, refers to optimizing a website’s pages to align with the guidelines provided by search engine companies. From Meta tags to Schema tags, there are 100’s of guidelines provided to improve the readability of your website for both users and search engines. Through this method, you can create an everlasting flow of traffic and leads to your website for years to come.

Off-page SEO Services

As on-page seo services refer to the website and it’s pages, off-site seo services refer to the website’s credibility and reputation among other websites on the web. It usually is a broad term consisting of a large list of techniques that include website partnerships, backlink removal and management, company and local citations, even Social Media Marketing can fall into the service category.

Paid Advertising Services

If you’ve ever seen those attractive links at the top of your search results that have a small “sponsored result” in grey at the bottom, then you’ve seen one of the best ways to gain traffic and leads to your business. Through paid advertising online, you can easily target your audience and offer them exclusive deals to improve converse and keep them coming back.

At Douglife Marketing, each client’s needs is always unique, which means we choose from our research and expertise what types of techniques deemed appropriate for you and your website, ensuring easily measured results without any risks now, or in the future.

What should I pay for SEO Services?

In most terms, you should try to accommodate as much of your annual marketing budget to digital marketing each year. As more and more users head online to find reviews of products and services, learn about their features and options, your website needs to be front and center to ensure longevity for your business.

Many times business owners and website owners ask us what they should expect to pay when working with a small firm like Douglife Marketing. Although each SEO and digital marketing agency is different, we find our pricing structure which is based upon hours worked and level of technicality provide a transparent and cost-efficient way to keep an on-going marketing campaign.

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