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What are SEO Services exactly?

In today’s world of mobile questions and answers, more and more users research products and services online. When a certain website or webpage starts in the top or top few order, those are often supported by SEO or Search Engine Optimization through the Google and Bing search engines.

Too often websites (read companies) build a nice, attractive website, but do not go the extra mile to improve it’s readability in search engines, leaving leads and traffic on the table for their competitors to take advantage of.

How can I use SEO Services?

By optimizing your website through both Bing & Google guidelines, and improving the speed and usability of your website on both desktop and mobile devices, you can almost always see an improvement in leads and traffic to your website.

Furthermore, through content creation and website outreach, you can build effective partnerships with other websites in your industry, along with leveraging the power of social media, giving you new avenues for traffic and leads for the future.

What types of SEO Services are there?

When searching online for SEO services, you’ll come to find various degrees and types of services available. Some great, some not so great. Ideally, you should treat your website and online presence with the utmost care, which means ensuring that whoever works on your website, understands your brand vision and ensures the highest credibility when placing your name on the web.

Here at Douglife Marketing, we focus on 3 primary types of SEO, which we have found provide measurable results time and time again for our clients:

On-Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO services to us, refers to optimizing a website’s pages to align with the guidelines provided by search engine companies. From Meta tags to Schema tags, there are 100’s of guidelines provided to improve the readability of your website for both users and search engines. Through this method, you can create an everlasting flow of traffic and leads to your website for years to come.

Off-page SEO Services

As on-page seo services refer to the website and it’s pages, off-site seo services refer to the website’s credibility and reputation among other websites on the web. It usually is a broad term consisting of a large list of techniques that include website partnerships, backlink removal and management, company and local citations, even Social Media Marketing can fall into the service category.

Paid Advertising Services

If you’ve ever seen those attractive links at the top of your search results that have a small “sponsored result” in grey at the bottom, then you’ve seen one of the best ways to gain traffic and leads to your business. Through paid advertising online, you can easily target your audience and offer them exclusive deals to improve converse and keep them coming back.

At Douglife Marketing, each client’s needs is always unique, which means we choose from our research and expertise what types of techniques deemed appropriate for you and your website, ensuring easily measured results without any risks now, or in the future.

What should I pay for SEO Services?

In most terms, you should try to accommodate as much of your annual marketing budget to digital marketing each year. As more and more users head online to find reviews of products and services, learn about their features and options, your website needs to be front and center to ensure longevity for your business.

Many times business owners and website owners ask us what they should expect to pay when working with a small firm like Douglife Marketing. Although each SEO and digital marketing agency is different, we find our pricing structure which is based upon hours worked and level of technicality provide a transparent and cost-efficient way to keep an on-going marketing campaign.

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