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Born in South Texas near the Mexican border, then bouncing all over the Mid-West & Eastern Seaboard with his mother until finally landing in Central Florida, Doug Montgomery has always had to make things work, no matter where he goes.

Today, he is one of the leading up and coming online marketing consultants dedicated to helping businesses find solutions to their needs and goals online.

Before joining the online community, Douglas spent much of his time working with different retail companies all over the state of Florida, obtaining various awards and medals for his outstanding sales and customer service techniques, and unique ability to understand a problem and lead the way to a solution in the most efficient way possible.

Douglas has implemented his experience in sales, marketing, and customer service into his business, which now serves some of the largest names online.

Doug directs the process from the moment ideas are presented, leading his team through experience, knowledge and motivation that instills genuine drive and deliverability for everyone involved.

Doug has sold over 200,000$ in online marketing projects over the past 5 years, and notes that the money isn’t his driving factor, but the thrill of helping people succeed online is.

Montgomery has also been a main speaker in different public speaking seminars talking primarily about how to re-invent yourself through conscious efforts, and how important is to get to know oneself, and constantly keeping your health a priority in order to be successful in business.


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Doug Montgomery (Douglife)

Douglife - Doug Montgomery

  • Age: 31
  • Geo: NY/FL
  • Likes: NBA & Cheese