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Congrats! If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a Citrus County Business Owner looking for a Citrus County Web Designer! If not, this post is pretty helpful if you’re in marketing or own a small business, so keep reading.

Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore.

First things first, web design has changed. As much as you’d hope it was as easy as it was in 1996, it’s not. Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. There are literally hundreds even THOUSANDS of websites and companies trying to rank and obtain traffic from your keywords and customers.

It’s challenging. There are over 100,000 factors involved when ranking a website, along with EdgeRank, which is the social media algorithm used to gauge your posts and content on various social media networks.

And in Citrus County, Web Design is a bit more difficult. You see, Citrus County is local. With just over 141,000 Residents, keyword searches are cut in half, and you immediately have to start optimizing for broad term keywords, which can be tough to compete for.

For example:

Taking the Term “Citrus County Web Design” which is a normal term for most searches “ie. San Francisco Web Design”, “Dallas Web Design”, etc, and do a small amount of investigation, we can see that there are very little searches per month in Citrus County.

Citrus County Web Design

Just 28. Chances are there are more than 28 people in Citrus County looking for Web Design services.

But, if you use a broad term keyword like “Web Design”, you begin to see local and not-so-local rankings:

Citrus County Website Design

1 out of 10 listings is a local Citrus County Web Design Company even when Geo-Locating in Inverness Florida. This is problematic and costly for small businesses that don’t have a lot for their marketing budget. With so many big-budget companies competing and driving keyword pricing up, it’s very difficult for the small business owners of Citrus County.

But what can you do?

Short Answer: Hire a Web Designer with a background in Online Marketing, Direct Marketing, and has spent the last 15 years of his life educating himself to build a brand people can trust in Marketing.

Long Answer:

Troubleshoot. Find the main areas of problems with your website, and address them. Google, Bing, Yahoo and even DuckDuckGo have requirements for featuring your website, and these standards can quickly increase your visibility.

Your Website on The Web

Check to see if your website has a sitemap:

Now, see how your website looks in Google search results by going to your Browser’s Address bar or a Google Search and type “site:” infront of your domain.

This shows you all of the webpages you currently have indexed in Google, and how the titles, descriptions, and sharing looks.

Taking a step further into your marketing online, you can use these two tools to prepare a strategy that will work for you:

– HubSpot Marketing Grader – (Find out your main issues)
– Google Keyword Tool – (Use the Keyword Tool after Registering to research keywords for your website)

Social Media

I can’t stress how important Social Media is when used correctly. Customers have embraced Social Media, and you need to be on board. But that doesn’t mean just throwing up a page on a social media platform and hoping you get a ton of likes.

When marketing on Facebook make sure you follow these rules:

    • Have a Fan Page with you keyword in the URL – See Vanity URL (25 Likes)
    • Have a Call-to-Action in the Timeline Header Photo (Preferably to a custom fan page tab)
    • Use a Page Avatar image that people can recognize & see easily
    • Post Daily! Most gurus recommend 2-3 posts a day
    • Photos and Questions for those daily posts
    • Utilize Facebook Offers and bring customers in your store almost


Google+ / Places is CRUCIAL To Local Business

Google+ is a great social network, and is currently the 2nd largest growing social platform. I would highly recommend you begin using Circles, and posting your content there just like Facebook. But there’s a part of Google+ that is just ESSENTIAL to small business owners who rely on local traffic and in-store sales.

And that is Google+ Business Verification / Google Places. If you look at this search for “restaurant” in Inverness Florida:

Citrus County Restaurants

You see all of these businesses! All of these listings are local, 2 being franchises, which is great, and Google does a great job handling this on both desktop and mobile browsers.


Twitter has a special place in Citrus County, as many residents have embraced the social network. Be sure to search twitter for hashtags and recent tweets about your keywords relating to the area. Take some time to follow local people you feel could like your business, and offer as much helpful advice as possible!

I’m sure you’re looking at this stuff going “oh no..”, and that’s understandable. It’s taken me a long time to learn and I’ve still got a long road ahead of me. You need to have a solid marketing strategy for your business, no matter your budget’s size or time limitations if you want it to be successful.

That’s Not All

There are plenty of other things you need to do to ensure your businesses’ online success, but that would be a really long post. One thing is for sure, you searched for Citrus County Web Design or some variation, and found that you’re going to need much more to succeed.

That’s where I come in.

If you’re looking for Citrus County Web Design services, you’ve come to the right place. I don’t just provide websites, I provide tools, experience, and results for Citrus County Business Owners, and I can do it for you too.

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