Trouble hiring? A careers page could help!

Businesses all over the world are always looking to hire quality individuals and build mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships for years to come. It is an important part of almost every business, and even more important as 2021 ends and we see a shift in the workforce in the United States

As today’s population and future ones begin joining the workforce, more users are using the internet to research opportunities, build their resumes and apply for positions. So, it is no surprise that having a great website that conveys your brand and its vision properly helps both you and your potential team members. 

If you do not already have a great website, be sure to reach out and get a free consultation! 

However, if you do have a website, you might be missing a crucial page that could potentially improve the quality and number of applicants for any positions you have now and in the future, and that is a careers page! 

A Careers Page? 

Yes, absolutely! With so many ways for potential applicants to learn about your business, it is crucial you are the starting point for their impressions of you, what your company is about, who works for it and what type of experience they can expect to have. 

3 Must-haves for Your Careers Page:

Even if you are not hiring, or use a different location to post job information, it is still necessary to have a careers page that consists of a few things that will start the conversation on your terms with your potential hire, giving you a better chance of bringing on quality help. 

1.) Company Experience 

This can consist of many things, but I recommend having at least a few of the following: 

  • Photo of office / building / property 
  • Description or history of business (why it started, mission, values) 
  • Motto or slogan 
  • Information about training, benefits and hiring process 

All or just some of these things can provide quick insight into your business, allowing the user the opportunity to begin visualizing a day in the life, how your history and values align with their world view, and quickly see if benefits and training are positives to them or not. 

2.) Current Jobs Access or Application Form 

If possible, it is beneficial for new and current team members to have your available jobs listed on the website. For current employees for example, it may give them an opportunity to move up within the company. For potential new hires it can allow them to begin the application process immediately without other competing opportunities present (job search websites). 

At the very least, try to have a way for them to submit a general application to you, and or a link to where you are sharing currently open positions for your company like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., so again the process and narrative begins with you. 

3.) Company Culture & Life 

Building off the company experience mentioned above, having as much information about the company’s culture, events and day-to-day life can be so helpful to someone considering applying. This information can provide even more insight into the company lifestyle and how it may align with their personal one.  

Good career page examples:




Does your careers page answer the questions that the candidate is going to have about your company in a digestible, authentic way? After the candidate spends hours browsing various job boards and career pages, will yours leave enough an impression to stand out from the pack?

Whether you are looking to gain more applicants or higher quality ones, having a solid website with a good careers page has been shown to help. In many ways, it is one of the first chances to build trust and speak with your potential applicants, becoming a valuable resource internally and externally for your company and the potential team members you may have in the future. 

The more you can connect with new applicants and describe what your company is like, the better chance you will have at attracting more and higher quality interest, which we all know every business could use help with right now. 

Find yourself needing to create or improve your company’s career page but no one to help? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation today! 

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