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Be Generous – Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures for your followers

Be Generous – Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures for your followers

As the administrator of the Facebook page for a nonprofit, my rule of thumb for content is The Three Gs: Be Genuine, Generous and Grateful. Seems the being Generous part is the hardest, but Timeline Covers provide a new way to give back to your followers and enrich your brand.

I first saw a nonprofit using the valuable cover picture real estate with striking images from The Ocean Conservancy. Check it out here.

While my nonprofit doesn’t have photos of sea animals, Mad Cow Theatre has produced over a hundred plays and musicals in the last 15 years, offering theatrical experiences to over 11,000 Central Florida residents and visitors each year. Many of our patrons come to the theatre several times a year, allowing us to develop an offline relationship with them. We give them experiences that they want to take online and share with their networks.

A Mad Cow Theatre cover photo on my Timeline

Mad Cow Theatre Timeline Profile Example

Due to the nature of our work, we cannot allow users to take photos and generate their own content. By being generous and setting up these images for our patrons, we are giving them eye-catching content for their Timeline and the opportunity to support the theatre.

Mad Cow Theatre Timeline Covers

This solution isn’t just for nonprofits. Any brand with strong social media advocates can use this same idea to get a position front and center on your consumer’s timeline. People for whom your brand is part of their identity will jump at the opportunity to brand their timeline with your image – here are a couple tips for creating Timeline covers.

1) Be iconic. Use images that represent your brand experience. A photo is worth a thousand logos.
2) Be striking. People want to share Awesomeness, not mediocrity.
3) Offer variety. Giving several choices will allow more patrons to find something that resonates with them.

This is just the beginning of brand-placement opportunities on Timeline. As we watch users embrace this idea, it will be interesting to see how we benefit from the institutional marketing these provide, and how we can continue to develop this relationship with our brand advocates.

Download the Mad Cow Theatre Covers on their Facebook Page

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