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Simple Real Estate Agent Social Media Tips For 2016

Simple Real Estate Agent Social Media Tips For 2016 Considering the time when the only way to connect with a real estate agent was finding them in the newspaper, a yard sign or word of mouth, you’d come to believe that the Internet and Social Media provides agents more visibility. However, all too often real estate agents are failing to understand the true purpose of Social Media and Online Marketing, effectively lose leads because of over saturation, or to real estate agents who do understand the purpose of Social Media. Now in that last paragraph I mentioned something really important, and that is how to … Read More >

Must Have Android Apps for Real Estate Agents

This is a guest post provided by a local Citrus County Homes for Sale Expert, John H. Hoffmeister. To learn more about John, visit his website at As a Realtor attempting to stay on top of the latest tech and gadgets, it’s only natural that I end up with a smart phone. I chose Android to begin with, and so far I’m very pleased. When using the Android device, I found I could easily take advantage of it’s convenience being right in my hand at all times. Now, after using it for most of the year, I’ve decided to offer my favorite Android Apps … Read More >