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Simple Real Estate Agent Social Media Tips For 2016

Simple Real Estate Agent Social Media Tips For 2016 Considering the time when the only way to connect with a real estate agent was finding them in the newspaper, a yard sign or word of mouth, you’d come to believe that the Internet and Social Media provides agents more visibility. However, all too often real estate agents are failing to understand the true purpose of Social Media and Online Marketing, effectively lose leads because of over saturation, or to real estate agents who do understand the purpose of Social Media. Now in that last paragraph I mentioned something really important, and that is how to … Read More >

Earn Awesome Backlinks with your Secretary!

As a business owner, it’s important to manage your time correctly. However, as we all know, usually that’s not the case, and important things like search engine optimization fall to the wayside and you end up losing out on all of the leads and potential new customers that come from it. After years of working with busy business owners trying to increase their ranking online through SEO, I’ve learned a few really great things, and today, I’d like to let you in on something I recommend and provide my clients all the time! Secretary Backlinks! That’s right! Chances are you have a secretary, and she … Read More >

Fixing the Comments Evolved Plugin Issues in Twenty-Fifteen Theme

Hello visitor and welcome to my site. You’ll probably notice right away that I have this crisp, clean, minimal theme. Well, lucky for you, you can have it as well. Actually, the real reason you’re probably here is because you need help with the Comments Evolved WordPress Plugin and the new Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme. With the recent release of the new theme, many people like myself are starting to use it. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a small issue with the Comments Evolved Plugin while using this theme. I came across it myself, and I’d like to show you what I mean: As … Read More >

5 Things Every Restaurant Needs to Succeed Online

As a single guy, I tend to eat out a lot. Not always mind you, as I do like to cook in the kitchen, but often enough for me to have to search online for different types of cuisine and locations, which brings me to the reasoning behind this article. Too many restaurants are missing out on new and returning customers online. In many areas I visit, the big chains dominate, and the fantastic local restaurants are buried and often impossible to discover. So if you’re a restauranteur, or work in a restaurant that could use some more foot traffic, take note of these great … Read More >

Increase Traffic Online and In Store with Facebook Offers

Use this simple guide to setup and promote your next Facebook Offer Campaign and Get More Traffic In-Store & Online! With all the buzz around Promoted Posts, and the ever evolving Power Editor, I found it was crucial for everyone to also take advantage of a lesser known tool in the Facebook Marketing toolbox, Facebook Offers. See, you may have noticed my hesitation at the beginning about Promoted Posts, which is correct. Today, with so many people running Promoted content on Facebook by the minute, I believe users are looking for something different and need that different option to grab their attention. Here come Facebook … Read More >

Using IFTTT To Gain Traffic To Your Website or Blog

As a small business owner and a twenty something tech geek, I’m always looking for ways to bridge the two, and leverage apps to help me either automate tasks, or connect with my customers. Recently I’ve been reaping the fruits of Apples recent App Store Anniversary, and trying out a bunch of apps, from Traktor to Tiny Wings, I’ve found some really fun and useful apps. But the reason I’m writing this post is to let you in on a new app that graced the App Store right around the same time of the anniversary. It’s called IFTTT. IFTTT, An acronym for If This Then … Read More >

Hot Damn Facebook’s Being Invaded By #Hashtags

As I write this blog post, Myspace is currently removing the old Myspace layout and page forever. How tragic to know something I spent so much time on is now eliminated from Planet Earth.. To think! I’ll never be able to select a “Top 8” again! (I had hacks that allowed 16, be jealous) au revoir, Myspace of the old, I’ll forget all about you in 6 months to a year depending on how many more photo-based social networks I load on my phone. Now, that was a bit off topic, I’m sorry, but I’m going to tie it in here, just you watch..err read. … Read More >

Here are 9 Things You Need To Know When Creating or Revamping Your Website

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time to research, I get that. Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve done the research, and worked with hundreds of clients to bring you this checklist of 9 things you need to know when creating or revamping your website. 1.) Identifying Your Website Goals This is the crucial part here, so stay with me. It. Is. Absolutely. Crucial. That you have a set of plans and goals for your website. What do you plan on offering? Products? Services? How will you retain customers and engage them? These are all questions that need to … Read More >

6 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up in Search Engines

Probably the first question I’m always asked by clients and potential clients is “Why do I not show up when I type xyz into Google?” First things first, the old ways of just having a website are gone. With today’s web speeds, and real-time social networks, and the fact that there are almost 150,000 new domains registered a DAY, the internet has evolved from the old days of Geocities and animated gifs. Back to Google and your searching shall we? Now, there are many reasons why your website isn’t showing up on Google. Chances are it is, but it’s buried somewhere within the millions of … Read More >

Citrus County Web Design

Citrus County Web Design Isn’t Just Design Congrats! If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a Citrus County Business Owner looking for a Citrus County Web Designer! If not, this post is pretty helpful if you’re in marketing or own a small business, so keep reading. Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. First things first, web design has changed. As much as you’d hope it was as easy as it was in 1996, it’s not. Just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore. There are literally hundreds even THOUSANDS of websites and companies trying to rank and obtain traffic from your keywords … Read More >