5 Things Every Restaurant Needs to Succeed Online

As a single guy, I tend to eat out a lot. Not always mind you, as I do like to cook in the kitchen, but often enough for me to have to search online for different types of cuisine and locations, which brings me to the reasoning behind this article.

Too many restaurants are missing out on new and returning customers online. In many areas I visit, the big chains dominate, and the fantastic local restaurants are buried and often impossible to discover.

So if you’re a restauranteur, or work in a restaurant that could use some more foot traffic, take note of these great ways to take control of your restaurant’s online presence.

Get Listed & Verified on Google Maps

I can’t stress this enough. If you’re a restaurant, or a business that relies on local traffic, you NEED to have an up to date Google Business Listing. You can set that up here.

List your Phone Number Everywhere!

Most web browsers allow “Click to call” which means customers can call your number directly from Facebook, Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

Have a Usable Menu

One of my biggest complaints with restaurants is they either don’t have their menu listed on their website, or they do, but it’s a gigantic photocopy of their existing menu as a pdf. A simple table of menu items and pricing goes a long way when people are deciding what to eat.

Share Specials and Coupons Daily!

In many cases, posting to social media sites like twitter, facebook and google+ can be a bit too much. However, if you’re going to legitimately save them money on something they were planning to do already, so be it. Post your specials on your website and social media pages daily, and early in the day so folks have time to prepare.

Take control of your reviews!

I’ve seen many restaurants get looked over because of one bad review or empty reviews. If the review is bad, and you can’t delete it, post a follow up review inviting that customer to give you another chance, and show to other customers you care.

With these 5 items, your restaurant can immediately begin seeing results as far as increased foot traffic and visibility online. Some are simple to do, but others can be on-going. Spend a few hours per week building a project plan to adhere to so things can become streamlined and you can focus on your food!

Doug Montgomery
Owner / CEO at Douglife Marketing
Hi I'm Doug! I'm the author of Douglife's Guide to Dominating Local Search, and a freelance website design, search engine and online marketing consultant based in NY and FL. I depend on my 16 years of experience along with tried and true marketing best practices to craft successful websites and marketing campaigns for companies around the globe.
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